zinc primer

Zinc Shield

Zincshield is a zinc rich epoxy modified thermosetting powder primer designed to inhibit rust and subsequent adhesion loss on ferrous metals and is a key component of Dulux Steel Shield™ Warranty systems suitable for use with top coats from the Fluoroset®, Duratec®, Electro®, Precious®, Duralloy®, and Alphatec® ranges.

It is ideal for use:

  • On blasted mild steel, bright/semi bright steel, black steel and blue steel
  • On blasted galvanised steel, stainless steel and zincalume. We recommend consulting with Dulux for suitability.


E-Prime™ is an epoxy modified thermosetting powder primer that provides protection around sharp profiles and complex shapes such as perforated and expanded aluminium, as well as providing additional corrosion prevention on steel.

E-Prime™ is a key component for Dulux Alumi Shield warranties on Perforated and expanded aluminium and Steel Shield Warranties in highly corrosive environments.

It’s ideal for use :

  • On pre-– treated architectural grade aluminium including perforated aluminium
  • On mild steel, bright/semi-bright steel, black steel and blue steel
  • On galvanised steel, stainless steel, zincalume and non ferrous metals
  • Under topcoats on the following interior and exterior projects: